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In a place that isn't a place, in a time long forgotten...

where many meet, many converse...and many battle for their lives.

Follow the path through the forest...until you find the hearth-fires burning...

until you find #Homefires.

Following the path through the forest, you notice deep purple berries, plump and juicy. Your stomach grumbles, to remind you that food has been a little scarce the past week or so.

Tempted by the plumpness and juicy appearance of the berries, you find yourself reaching for one to pluck and pop into an eager mouth.

Something stops you, however. Uncertainty? Fear? Or had someone whispered on the gentle wind that blows?

You pause in mid-reach and listen. Yes...there it is. The softly whispered voice that warned you not to eat the berries.

As you venture further into the forest, you get the sense that someone is watching over your very step. You listen for the forest sounds, and discover there aren't any.

Chill bumps rise on your arms and you shiver, even though the evening is warm. The voice urges you forward, so you keep up your pace, finding yourself suddenly stepping into a clearing.

In the distance, you see a building, it's lights warm and welcoming. Smoke from the hearth-fire curls lazily from the stone chimney, and the door stands slightly ajar. There is a sign hanging crookedly from the thatched over-hang.


You hasten your pace to cover the distance across the open field before night falls. As the sun slowly sinks behind the distant mountains, you place a foot upon the wooden step. A female voice from within greets you as your hand touches the door and pushes it open to enable you to slip inside.

"Greetings, stranger. Welcome to Homefires. Come, sit. Tell us of your journey here.", the woman speaking is small in stature, with hair white as snow and eyes the color of moonstone. "My name is Jaiquithe, so we won't be strangers any longer. Would you like to eat? I'll ask cook for food to nourish your body. There are rooms upstairs...if you can pay, fine. If not, then you will be my guest. Enjoy your stay with us."

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